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Our May Special Offers

This months special offers include

10% Off our Luxury Gift Sets 146 & 199, Fragrances & Toiletries for Men & Women

10% Off our Hot Collection Fragrances 30% Parfum Extrait

10% Off our Spa Collection Peach Bath & Shower Set

20% Off our Skin Lab Set, Designed for Men, pinched by Women

15% Off selected products from the full FM range of Perfumes, Toiletries, Cosmetics and Home Products

15% Off For Home Cleaning Set PR23

15% Off Car Cleaning Set PR24

10% Off Make-Up Set PR25

10% Off Make-Up Set PR26

These offers are only available
until the end of the month
or while stocks last.

DIY Perfume Consultation

Federico Mohara have 150 perfumes in their current range and it can be difficult to decide where to start testing our fragrances, so here is a DIY guide to help out.

Just enter your Birthdate, and select 3 perfumes you have enjoyed wearing from the drop down lists and you will see a Chinese Fragrance Horoscope, a Zodiac Fragrance Horoscope, and 3 suggestions based on your Fragrance Profile.  This is an Excel Spreadsheet.

Click here to try it

And this is what it looks like

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Body Butter – Just in time for Xmas

Just for Lovers

Appetising body butter with a tempting aroma of cherries dipped in chocolate – designed to be applied to the skin when warmed.

Prepared from high quality ingredients such as shea butter, mango butter, cocoa, coconut oil, almond oil and natural beeswax, to intensely nourish and moisturise the skin. 

No artificial colours, parabens, chemical stabilisers or paraffin. 

Just light the wick and wait until the butter begins to melt, then blow out the flame and make sure the temperature of the product is not too high.

Use it to massage the body, hands and feet of your partner by dripping it directly on to the skin – or pouring on your hands first. 

The remainder of the product can be left in the jar until it hardens, then it can be applied again.

We recommend blowing out the candle when you have finished applying the body butter, just in case you or your partner get distracted.

The body butter oil can reach a temperature of around 38-40ºC.  Normal body temperature is 37ºC

Non-edible –  Not suitable for children.

Pheromones, Animal Attraction or Heightened Sensitivity?

09/08/2011 1 comment

We have a range of perfumes with added pheromones, but what do they do?

This is one theory

“Attraction Pheromones are naturally secreted by men and women but unfortunately not to the same degree from person to person (this can be an explanation to why some people just seem to have all the luck in the world with attracting the opposite sex).

Scientists have found that the previously misunderstood Vomeronasal Organ in the nasal passageway is where human attraction pheromones are sensed.

After the pheromones are sensed, the brain releases neurotransmitters to give an increased feeling of sexual desire, emotional attachment, lust, and attraction. Pheromones do not guarantee more boy/girl friends or sex but they will certainly give anyone wearing them an edge in landing their target.”

Feedback from customers suggests another theory

“Pheromones help the person smelling them to focus better.   If they are worn by a member of the opposite sex, then of course you will focus on that person.

However, if you are wearing them yourself, then you will be more focussed on what you are doing, and ‘feel good’ about yourself.”

Which theory is right?  Probably both but our pheromone enhanced fragrances are only £13.49 so try them yourself and see.

Found: the fragrance of a discontinued perfume

A lady told me she loved Flair by Yardley but couldn’t get it any more.   She’d heard I found fragrances and could I help so I said I’d see what I could do.

Flair was first produced in 1932 by Mayfair, a company owned by Lentheric/Yardley and was discontinued about 2006.  The name Flair is now being used with another perfume produced by Revlon.

Flair was in the Soft Floral Bouquet Rich family and subgroups.   Our luxury range FM 146 is in the same family and subgroups, and I sent the lady a sample bottle.   She was delighted and ordered a bottle from me.

In this case, the lady wasn’t interested in the price, just the fragrance.

There is a fragrance finder on my ScentsForYou website where you can select a perfume, see the fragrance family and subgroups, and see if we have an FM perfume from the same family and subgroup.

If your favourite perfume is not there, email me and I’ll add it.

More Gift Sets

The Spa collection is also available as a gift set with shower gel, candle, body salt scrub, and bath salt.

The price?  £33, saving £6 on the cost of the individual items.

The peach gift set is pictured, and Verbena, Cherry Blossom and Vanilla gift sets are also available.


FM perfumes, RIp-off Copies or Original Creations?

Are FM perfumes copies of High Street Brands?

Short Answer: No.

Back to Basics.

A perfume is a mixture of ingredients that gives off a pleasantly scented vapour. If it’s not pleasantly scented, we don’t call it a perfume.

We smell that vapour as a fragrance.

That fragrance will smell differently from the bottle than it will from the skin of the user.

The perfume is unique and can be analysed and copyrighted. The fragrance, which is an individuals perception is not unique and can only be categorised. That’s why two quite different perfumes can have the same or very similar fragrances.

The German firm Drom FragrancesInternational, who make perfume oils for us, are one of the top 10 perfume oil manufacturers in the world and unlike the other manufacturers on that Top 10 list, they only make perfumes oils. They also make perfume oils for companies like L’Oreal which owns 23 High Street Perfume Brands. Drom has branches in China, South America, USA, India and Europe and creates 50,000 new perfumes each year. The FM group chooses 20-30 new perfume oils each year, has them bottled by Perfand in Poland, and sells them only to FM distributors in 60 countries all over the world.

L’Oreal and the other perfume houses buy from manufacturers like Drom and pay for very expensive marketing of their ‘New Brand Name Perfume for 2011’.

FM distributors offer their customers a sample of the perfume to try at home because we know that our customers have found that a tester in a perfume counter can smell quite different from the fragrance from that brand when you get it home.  It also gives the customer a chance to try the perfume for a period of time and compare it to other perfumes that they love.

So, while there are potentially billions of different perfumes, most of them not discovered yet, there are only thousands of different fragrances. And one of our perfumes might smell like your favourite high street brand, but it is a different perfume and not a copy.

This has been taken from the Frequently Asked Questions on

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