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Special Offers for January & February 2014

We have a new Special Offers catalogue for January & February 2014, including Valentines Day.


Offers include:

Buy Selected packs of Aurile Coffee and get a Free Sample of another Aurile Coffee

Save up to 18% on Selected Cream & Blackcurrent Body Products

Save up to 20% on Selected Skin Lab Products

Save up to 15% on Selected Lip and Eye products

Save 20% on our Flower Fragrance perfumes

Save 15% on Selected pairs of our Hot Collection perfumes

Save 12.5% on Selected pairs of our Pheromone perfumes

Save 18% on Selected Spa Salt Body Scrub & Body Butter pairs

Save 15% on Silicon Base and Icy Lipstick pairs

Save 10% on Selected Foundation and Foundation brush pairs.

Save 15% on Selected Hand Creams

Save 18% on Selected Nail Laquers

Save 18% on Selected Classic Gift Sets

Save 20% on Aftershave Balm and Shaving Foam pairs

Save 20% on Selected Shower Gel & Anti-Perspirant pairs

Warm Texting with our Winter Touchscreen Gloves.  Only £1.50 with 2 Selected Perfumed Handcreams.

You can download this and our other catalogues from our download page

New Spring Catalogues

The new catalogues will be available at the end of the month and here’s a preview of the new products in Fragrance Catalogue 18.  Click to see full size animated version.


3 new Luxury Men’s fragrances

3 Luxury Ladies Perfumes,

1 Body and Hand Wash Cream for sensitive skin

3 Anti-aging colloidal gold creams

2 Bath-time extras for kids, an anti-tangle hair wash and a body foam wash.

You can see the catalogues here

as soon as they are available.  just waiting for Fragrance 18 at the time of posting.

September Special Offers

Our September 2012 Special offers

10% off our  Verbena Spa set sbs1

15% off our Summer Set Makeup Selection pr37

10% off our Home Set pr38

20% off our Shampoos WO6,WO7,WO8,WO9,WO10

15% off this months Product Mix

15% off  selected perfumes FM134, FM34, FM301, FM306

20% off special Gift Sets 33 & 52 for Him & Her pr39 & pr40

30% off the Match Special perfume

See our special offer catalogue here

The FM Group UK’s July Special Offers

Our July Special offers include:

10% Off
Vanilla Spa Collections Set

15% off
Makeup Selections
PR30 Face Selection,

PR31Eye Selection

and PR32 Lip Selection

15% off
Selected Individual Perfumes & Toiletries

30% off
Hot Collection Perfumes

20% off
Selected Home Cleaning Products

20 % off
Selected Deodorants
and Shower Gels

Offers only available until the end of the month

Download a catalogue here

New Perfumes & Toiletries Catalogue

We have a new Perfumes and Toiletries catalogue.  You can download a copy here

Valentines Day & February Special Offers

For Valentines day we have a heart shaped candle, a heart shaped hand and body warme,r and a heart embossed cashmere eyeshadow.

And we have special offers on our pheromone enhanced fragrances and many others.

These are only available till the end of february.
Click on the images to download our Specials catalogue in pdf format.

Fashion Jewellery

 The FM Group has introduced a new Fashion Jewellery catalogue which you can download here

These include coated glass pearl and crystal necklaces, earrings and bracelets

Our Best Kept Secret – Gift Sets!

You won’t find these in any of the FM catalogues, but we can supply gift sets of perfumes and matching toiletries.

FM GIFT SETS – Gift sets for any occasion: birthdays, weddings, mother’s days, father’s days, greetings, etc

FM05, FM10, FM23, FM33, FM52, FM81, FM97, FM101, FM173

Perfume, Shower gel, Body lotion , Deodorant Roll-on, FM gift Box

(Gift Set FM10 contains unperfumed , unisex Deodorant Roll-on)

RRP: £26.00 saving over £3


Perfume, Shower gel, Body Lotion, Gift Box

RRP: 21.00 saving over £2

FM43, FM56, FM110, FM134

SET contains: Eau de Parfum, Shower gel, Deodorant roll-on, FM gift Box

RRP: £20.00 saving over £2


Eau de toilette, Shower gel, Body lotion, FM gift Box

RRP: £15.00 saving over £3

FM SET 146, 199

Perfume, Shower gel, Body lotion, Deodorant Roll-on, FM gift Box

RRP: £29.99 saving over £4



Set Contains:

Mascara – M001

Any Blush – R001, R002, R003 or R004

Any Powder – P001, P002, P003, P004, P005 or P006

Any Eyeshadow – C001 – C014

Any Lip gloss or Lipstick – Lip1 – Lip4, Li01- Li05

Any Foundation – FL01 – FL09

Any Pencil – KR01 – KR07 or LI06 – LI10

 RRP: £49.99    (Save up to £12)

New Fragrances available Now!

The FM Group has introduced 13 new luxury fragrances, 6 for men, 7 for women.

The new Perfumes catalogue should be available in printed form at the end of the month, but you can browse it on my Scents catalogue website

Here’s a list of the new perfumes


Luxury Ladies £16.99 50ml Parfum

Classical Family:Floral SubGroup:Oriental Intense

Description:Alluring aroma of juicy peach combined with lilac, pink pepper, patchouli and ambergris.


Extravagant Collection For Women £21.99 50ml Parfum

Classical Family:Floral SubGroup:Oriental Delicate

Description:A light composition of energising mint, intoxicating peony, jasmine, cedar and Labdanum resin.


Extravagant Collection For Women £21.99 30ml Parfum

Classical Family:Wood SubGroup:Fruit

Description:Aromatic figs, citruses, caviar, fig tree, musk and ambergris. A brave and ambiguous fragrance.


Luxury Ladies £19.50 100ml Eau deParfum

Classical Family:Floral SubGroup:Wood

Description:A romantic combination of damask rose, violet and succulent blackberry with sandalwood and patchouli


Luxury Ladies £19.50 100ml Eau deParfum

Classical Family:Floral SubGroup:Fruit Intense

Description:Fruit cocktail of pear, peach and nectarine blooms with the captivating smells of jasmine, rose and musk.


Luxury Ladies £19.50 100ml Eau deParfum

Classical Family:Floral SubGroup:Fruit Intense

Description:A serene blend of juicy grapefruit, sensual jasmine and hyacinth aromas, with the warm scents of cedar and white musk.


Luxury Ladies £19.50 100ml Eau deParfum

Classical Family:Floral SubGroup:Fruit Intense

Description:Sweet and feminine fragrance. A combination of rose, magnolia, watermelon, apple and cedar.


Luxury Men 100ml £16.99 EDP

Classical Family:Wood SubGroup:Fruit

Description:Delightful combination of fresh citrus and wood notes, with aromatic apple, a hint of tequila and musk.


Luxury Men 100ml £19.50 EDP

Classical Family:Oriental SubGroup:Fruit

Description:Freshness and zest of nerol combined with intoxicating notes of cardamom, patchouli, cedar, vetiver and absinthe.


Luxury Men 100ml £16.99 EDP

Classical Family:Oriental SubGroup:Wood

Description:Seductive mix of birch leaves, african violet, cardamom and sensual musk.


Luxury Men 100ml £16.99 EDP

Classical Family:Wood SubGroup:Patchouli

Description:Wild aroma of grapefruit, vetiver, patchouli, Labdanum resin complemented with wood and pink pepper.


Luxury Men 100ml £16.99 EDP

Classical Family:Oriental SubGroup:Floral

Description:Elegance and charm uniquely combined with cardamom, fennel, lavender, patchouli and vanilla.


Luxury Men 100ml £16.99 EDP

Classical Family:Wood SubGroup:Vetiver

Description:Trendy and sensual. Here is the wild fragrance of bergamot and lavender combined with vetiver, anise and black pepper.