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Hot Collection – For those who want to flaunt it

You asked for it, now go out there and flaunt it!


Duty Free and High Street perfumes tend to be Eau de Parfum for women at 8-16% fragrance oil and Eau de Toilette for men at 4-8% fragrance oil.

Our standard fragrances are 20% fragrance oil Parfums for women and 16% fragrance oil Eau de Parfums for men, considerably stronger than High Street equivalents.

And now we have brought out the Hot Collection Parfums, 30% fragrance oil for women and 24% fragrance oil for men.

These aren’t available as samples, but they are 50% stronger than our standard range which is available as samples.  So the fragrance is the same, it is just stronger and lasts longer.

Our New Makeup catalogue

Although the FM group only sold perfumes when they started, they gradually introduced a range of high quality makeup products and there is now a full range of products and a new catalogue.

Some of the recent additions have been more makeup for dark skin, nail lacquer(plain and pearlised), lip sticks, scrubs, gels, glosses, tints, and liners; a range of iridescent powders to tone with our eyeshadows (idea for parties); a silicone makeup base (ideal for that no-makeup look), and a new 3 stage mascara.

Because the FM Goup is dedicated to quality, we seem to have purer ingredients than some other perfume and makeup manufacturers, so if you have had allergy problems with some brands of makeup, it may be worth trying our range. We make no claims about this, just passing on what some of our customers have reported.

If you would like a printed catalogue, email me

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Our top selling men’s fragrance gets a family!

Our top selling male fragrance is FM 199.

FM199 Luxury Men (Gold Label)100ml £16.99 EDP

Classical Family:Oriental SubGroup:Spicy

Fragrance Wheel Family:Woods SubGroup:Spicy

Description:Rich and complex composition where you can find mint, tangerine, cinnamon, cardamom, rose, and notes of leather.

It’s proved so successful that it has grown a  family of toiletries all with the same fragrance, shower gel, body lotion and roll-on deodorant.

Other new toiletries are:

New shower gels: 43, 146, 160, 199,  300

New body lotions: 146, 199

New deodorant roll ons: 43, 146, 160, 199

New Hair fragrance: 173h

New hand and nail cream: 173c

These should be available by the end of the month

You can see all these products  in our perfume catalogue here online catalogue


New Fragrances available Now!

The FM Group has introduced 13 new luxury fragrances, 6 for men, 7 for women.

The new Perfumes catalogue should be available in printed form at the end of the month, but you can browse it on my Scents catalogue website

Here’s a list of the new perfumes


Luxury Ladies £16.99 50ml Parfum

Classical Family:Floral SubGroup:Oriental Intense

Description:Alluring aroma of juicy peach combined with lilac, pink pepper, patchouli and ambergris.


Extravagant Collection For Women £21.99 50ml Parfum

Classical Family:Floral SubGroup:Oriental Delicate

Description:A light composition of energising mint, intoxicating peony, jasmine, cedar and Labdanum resin.


Extravagant Collection For Women £21.99 30ml Parfum

Classical Family:Wood SubGroup:Fruit

Description:Aromatic figs, citruses, caviar, fig tree, musk and ambergris. A brave and ambiguous fragrance.


Luxury Ladies £19.50 100ml Eau deParfum

Classical Family:Floral SubGroup:Wood

Description:A romantic combination of damask rose, violet and succulent blackberry with sandalwood and patchouli


Luxury Ladies £19.50 100ml Eau deParfum

Classical Family:Floral SubGroup:Fruit Intense

Description:Fruit cocktail of pear, peach and nectarine blooms with the captivating smells of jasmine, rose and musk.


Luxury Ladies £19.50 100ml Eau deParfum

Classical Family:Floral SubGroup:Fruit Intense

Description:A serene blend of juicy grapefruit, sensual jasmine and hyacinth aromas, with the warm scents of cedar and white musk.


Luxury Ladies £19.50 100ml Eau deParfum

Classical Family:Floral SubGroup:Fruit Intense

Description:Sweet and feminine fragrance. A combination of rose, magnolia, watermelon, apple and cedar.


Luxury Men 100ml £16.99 EDP

Classical Family:Wood SubGroup:Fruit

Description:Delightful combination of fresh citrus and wood notes, with aromatic apple, a hint of tequila and musk.


Luxury Men 100ml £19.50 EDP

Classical Family:Oriental SubGroup:Fruit

Description:Freshness and zest of nerol combined with intoxicating notes of cardamom, patchouli, cedar, vetiver and absinthe.


Luxury Men 100ml £16.99 EDP

Classical Family:Oriental SubGroup:Wood

Description:Seductive mix of birch leaves, african violet, cardamom and sensual musk.


Luxury Men 100ml £16.99 EDP

Classical Family:Wood SubGroup:Patchouli

Description:Wild aroma of grapefruit, vetiver, patchouli, Labdanum resin complemented with wood and pink pepper.


Luxury Men 100ml £16.99 EDP

Classical Family:Oriental SubGroup:Floral

Description:Elegance and charm uniquely combined with cardamom, fennel, lavender, patchouli and vanilla.


Luxury Men 100ml £16.99 EDP

Classical Family:Wood SubGroup:Vetiver

Description:Trendy and sensual. Here is the wild fragrance of bergamot and lavender combined with vetiver, anise and black pepper.

It’s gonna be a hot summer!

FM UK have just added the sunscreen range

Sun Protect Oil Spray SPF 10 (90ml)       RRP: £11.99

Sun Protect Lotion SPF 30 (100ml)          RRP: £12.50

Sun Protect Lotion SPF 50 (100ml)           RRP: £12.99

Not much good for me, I avoid the sun as much as possible, to the annoyance of my wife