About Us

Hi, we’re John & Pam Bain, we are retired, John was Head of Sound at Central TV in Nottingham and Pam was a midwife, and we live in North Nottinghamshire UK.

We now run a part-time business promoting and marketing FM products  and this is my blog about news from my website, ScentsForYou.co.uk and the FM Group.

You probably know that the price of perfumes, toiletries and make-up is inflated by tv and magazine advertising, publicising brandnames, celebrity endorsements, etc. The Daily Mail said  “Consider the price of the perfume. The liquid in the bottle represents only 3 per cent of the total cost of producing it. The other 97 per cent goes to marketing, packaging and advertising. And the selling price allows for a 95 per cent profit margin. There’s a lot of money to be made in making the rest of us smell better.”

Well, the FM group offers top quality perfumes, toiletries, cosmetics and home products at rock bottom prices because there are no added costs for wholesalers, TV and magazine advertising, celebrity endorsements, brand-name promotion or retail mark-ups. They are only sold through FM distributors.

We believe that you will not find higher quality products that those in our catalogues. And you can save between £10 and £100 a bottle on equivalent high street brands.

If you know someone who is allergic to perfumes or cosmetics, do tell them about the FM range. We seem to have ‘purer’ products, without the chemicals that can cause allergic reactions. And they can try our samples and judge for themselves.

If you have any queries, do email us. And feel free to check us out on our website below.


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