About the FM Group

The Trawinski family, owners of the FM Group, have built a unique empire based on over 15 years experience in the manufacturing and marketing of world class perfumes.

Like many other perfumiers, the FM group takes pure perfume oils from Drom, one of the worlds leading perfume oil producers, and have produced over 300  fragrances of parfum, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, etc.   Their parfums are 20% perfume oil, their eau de parfums are 16% and their eau de toilettes are 8%

However, they spend no money on marketing, expensive packaging, advertising, etc.   Instead they sell through their own distributors in over 50 countries worldwide by network marketing, word-of-mouth advertising, where people who have tried the products, and like them, tell others about them.

The FM Perfume Collection contains high quality yet low cost perfumes, eau de parfum, eau de toilettes and perfumes with added pheromones for that extra bit of excitement! To complement these, they also include shower gels, deodorants, body lotions, hair fragrances, hand and nail cream, lip gloss, after shave and shaving foam.

They also produce a range of top quality make-up products and household products.   You can browse our catalogues on-line or email us and we will send you one.

These products are available only from independent FM Group distributors, by network marketing, word of mouth advertising, where people tell others about products that they like.

Distributors make a profit from selling FM group products, and get a commission if they recruit other distributors who make a profit selling products.   And there are bonuses when their team of distributors grows.

We are looking for more distributors, so if you want to build your own international business or just want an additional secure part-time income, then talk to us.

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