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Pheromones, Animal Attraction or Heightened Sensitivity?

We have a range of perfumes with added pheromones, but what do they do?

This is one theory

“Attraction Pheromones are naturally secreted by men and women but unfortunately not to the same degree from person to person (this can be an explanation to why some people just seem to have all the luck in the world with attracting the opposite sex).

Scientists have found that the previously misunderstood Vomeronasal Organ in the nasal passageway is where human attraction pheromones are sensed.

After the pheromones are sensed, the brain releases neurotransmitters to give an increased feeling of sexual desire, emotional attachment, lust, and attraction. Pheromones do not guarantee more boy/girl friends or sex but they will certainly give anyone wearing them an edge in landing their target.”

Feedback from customers suggests another theory

“Pheromones help the person smelling them to focus better.   If they are worn by a member of the opposite sex, then of course you will focus on that person.

However, if you are wearing them yourself, then you will be more focussed on what you are doing, and ‘feel good’ about yourself.”

Which theory is right?  Probably both but our pheromone enhanced fragrances are only £13.49 so try them yourself and see.

  1. Jackie Hutt
    10/08/2011 at 12:11

    Thank you for bring up the subject of pheromones, I had never heard of them but decided to order myself my favourite perfume FM33 with added pheromones. I had read they were odourless and would not change the smell of the fragrance. The new fragrance arrived it smelt the same, the bottle was the same, yet when I used my new bottle I felt Great I can honestly say I felt Happy.

    I have been on a cocktail of medication from my doctor for many years after losing both my mum and dad, I have spent years not wanting to leave my house, in fact I joined FM as it was a business I could run from home. Never did I think they had a product that would change my life so completely.

    Perfume was something I received as a Birthday, Christmas or Mother’s day present. It would sit on my dressing table and used very rarely.
    After buying FM33 with pheromones I found myself using it all the time, not too sure why, it just made me feel better. I used the first bottle in one month for a girl who almost never wore perfume this was a bit of a surprise. I began telling friends about this new perfume, many laughed but after a while they could see a difference in me.
    I use my perfume every time I need to make a phone call or leave my house which is something I rarely did before.

    I would recommend anyone reading this post to try FM Perfumes with pheromones. If you have a friend with agoraphobia like me recommend they buy a perfume with pheromones in, I really believe this product has changed my life, I am now so confident and a lot happier.

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